Karl E. Jones, Sr.

Pastor Karl Evan Jones, Sr. has embodied the very essence of this profound and sagacious scripture in serving the Body of Christ as God's anointed under-shepherd over the last 22 years at various congregations (Detroit, MI- Kentwood, MI - Canton, MS).
He currently is serving as Senior Pastor at the Fellowship Church of God, Bedford Heights, Ohio, Formerly, the Mount Pleasant Church of God. Since his arrival, God has abundantly blessed Fellowship and its surrounding community through Pastor Jones' unfailing dedication and steadfast commitment to strengthening families and enriching lives through the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ During his tenure, conversions, congregational ministries and community outreach endeavors have grown exponentially. Church membership has increased over 50 percent under his leadership. He is universally recognized as a powerful preacher, visionary, innovator and organizer with superior and uncommon leadership qualities. 
A “pastor’s pastor”, his unique gifts transcends denominational, cultural, ethnical and generational boundaries. Pastor Jones matriculated at the University of Michigan for 21/2 years and In 1989 Pastor Jones received his degree in Pastoral Studies from Jordan Bible College in Detroit, MI. In June of 2012 this historic congregation under his leadership purchased a 32K square Foot Church Facility that sits on 12 acres of land and has a 5K square foot Housing Unit on its property.
His leadership has produced in a short period of time a spiritual explosion evidenced by unprecedented membership growth and congregational ministries that meet the needs of members from ages 1 to 96. A pursuit of personal holiness, integrity, intelligence and an undying love of people, combined with passionate, sound biblical preaching, teaching and discipleship have characterized his successful and flourishing pastorate. His love for Jesus Christ and the people of God have led him to speak and preach in churches, seminars and conferences throughout the country.